Whether you are considering studying at a Canadian college or institute, preparing to work in Canada after graduation, or thinking about immigrating to Canada, you’ll want to maximize your career potential and make smart choices.

The Government of Canada has created some excellent resources and tools that will aid your career planning.

The Working in Canada Tool

The Working in Canada (WIC) Tool is an interactive website that helps you find advertised jobs, employers, job requirements, and labour-market information in Canada.

Just select the occupation and location of your choice and hit enter. The WIC Tool will then give you a report detailing:

  • advertised jobs in a given area
  • job duties
  • skill and licensing requirements
  • wage rates
  • occupational trends

Occupational Fact Sheets

Occupational Fact Sheets can also aid your career research. These Sheets will help you to understand:

  • The general requirements of a given occupation in Canada
  • Key research steps
  • How to find a job in that area

To view the Fact Sheets see Other Publications – Credential Recognition: