Perhaps most importantly, our institutions have dedicated international student offices to help ease your transition and ensure your stay is a success.

Each college or institute has a different approach to this, but all have dedicated staff and activities to guide your journey in Canada from housing and academics to social activities and employment opportunities.

Please see the government of Canada site for some helpful info…

More Sources of Information and Support

National Perspective

Federal Government:

Citizenship and Immigration:

Service Canada:

Welcome to Canada – What You Should Know: and

Get to Know Canada:

Provinces and Territories:

Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity in Canada:

Canadian Trade Commission Service Information about Canadian Economy and Industries:


Provincial Government:

Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism:

Prince Edward Island

Provincial Government:

Newcomer’s Guide:

Island Life:

Tourism PEI:

Nova Scotia

Provincial Government:

Nova Scotia Start:

Living in Nova Scotia:

New Brunswick

Provincial Government:

Newcomer’s Guide:

Travel New Brunswick:


Nunavut Territory Government:

Nunavut Tourism:


Provincial Government:



Provincial Government:

Orientation to Ontario:

Welcome to Ontario:

Settlement.Org Welcome to Ontario:

Ontario Tourism:


Northwest Territories

Territory Government:

Northwest Territories Tourism Information:


Provincial Government:

Living in Manitoba Resource Guide:

Travel Manitoba:


Provincial Government:



Provincial Government:

Welcome to Alberta Information for Newcomers:

Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation:


Territory Government:

Yukon Newcomer’s Guide:

Travel Yukon:

British Columbia

Provincial Government:

Immigration Portal: