Learn and train in high-quality, supportive academic and social environments at institutions that reflect Canada’s cultural diversity.

#1 Working with Industry

Our institutions work closely with Industry of all sorts to determine the skills and knowledge required for work in their disciplines. All programs are in line with private sector standards, preparing you for not only a job but also a successful career in the area of your choice.

#2 Applied Research Programs

Our Colleges and Institutes have taken advantage of their strong linkages with the private sector to develop state-of-the-art applied research programs. These programs are an important part of the Canadian innovation system, equipping graduates with the skills and experience needed to address some of the key challenges in today’s globalized society.

#3 Internationally Recognized

Canada’s high academic standards and focus on quality ensure you will earn an internationally recognized degree, diploma or certificate that will launch or redefine your career.

#4 Tuition Rates

When compared to studying in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, Canada offers the lowest tuition rates for foreign students. You can study at one of Canada’s internationally recognized institutions for roughly half the cost of attending an equally reputable private American university.

All of these facts make Canada one of the top destinations for international study.